The best Scandinavian IPTV

New products NETV is the best Scandinavian IPTV. Only 2 months, sales exceeded 10,000. Customers also gave us very good feedback. It have very good Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Albania, EX-YU channels. and have other countries channels too. Such as italy Spain Switzerland Netherlands etc. Very stable server. Welcome to free test.

2 thoughts on “The best Scandinavian IPTV

  1. I have had subscriptions (just now I have two) . Sometimes good, but sometimes buffering, and then often sport channels. But now, since the 30th of December, i.e. three days ago, I have no Scandinavian channels at all 🙁 , but i.e. other European channels is working – so nothing wrong with my boxes or network. I have always bought this subscriptions by Evybay, i.e. no resellers.

    1. hi, This iptv has stable Scandinavian Channels, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland. And most of people like it and gave us good feedback. Maybe something wrong when you watch tv. please contact our customer service and descripte your trouble. We will try our best for you.
      Miranda Zou
      Email: [email protected]
      Skype: live:sales06_762
      Whatsapp: +8618138208546

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