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technology is one of the most important things today. If you do not have the latest or near the latest gadgets and technology, chances are you’ll be left in the dust! I’m all about gadgets, regardless of whether computers, spy gear, products sharper image, iPods or anything else. In fact, most often, I am one of the first people to all my friends to get their hands on the new product as it hits the shelves. In most cases, if you want something cool, you’ll have to put down a pretty penny, however, this is not always the case. satellite receivers Take, for example, they are an amazing product to have and you will not sell the farm to buy one.

DreamBox-7020Si (satellite receiver) –
Power-PC-Linux operating system for endless possibilities, 250 MHz PowerPC (350 Mips).
-Linux open source (most parts under the terms of the GPL)
Integrated Compact Flash Interface Slot
-1 X DVB Common-Interface Slot
-2 X />

-MPEG2 Hardware decoding (fully DVB compliant)
-Supports Linux Standard API (Direct-FB, Linux-FB, LIRC)
-Big-size LC-Display

-USB Port
-10/100 MBit compatible Ethernet />

-12V switch cinch13.
V.24/RS232 Interface
Common NIM DVB-S-
-32 MB Flash
Channel-change time 1 second
-96 MB of RAM
channel lists, unlimited TV / Radio
Integrated IDE UDMA66 />

-Supports directly />

-Support for internal HDD in any capacity
Full-automatic service scan
-Supports EPG (electronic program guide) ‘
-Supports multiple LNB-Switching control (supports DiSEqC)

-S/PDIF Interface for digital bit stream out (AC-3)
-Supports Clean />

Cinch -Audio/Video
-Fully adaptable OSD in many languages and />

-2 />

MINI-DIN connector for external IR (send)
Parts DreamBox DM7020Si

Echolink 777 FTA –
This Echolink is the newest patchable digital satellite receiver free to air Echolink. It stores 4000 channels, supports USALS motor control, and has 15 days EPG and image mode. This is a really great purchase!

Plug />
-4000 Channels
-256 />

-Multisat />

-15 Days epg

OpenBox 300X (Satellite Receiver) –
The 300X Openbox is a digital satellite receiver that has been tested over 10 months by hundreds of users and in turn has produced one of the most reliable products available. This product is both stable and reliable, and based on hardware tests has also been proven to be extremely safe and effective even after several months of overuse.

Plug />
With key-entry codes manually
Multi-language />

-Audio Dolby Digital (/>


-S/PDIF (Optional)
-Editing function (TV or Radio, Group, Channel name, PID parameter, satellite name, sort of)
-Easy Graphic />

EPG for on-screen channel information
-Download the software via RS-232Channels memory />

-256 Color GUI />
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