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DreamBox Linux based DVB satellite is developed by German multimedia vendor named Dream Multimedia. It is same as their first model of DBoX2, which was circulated by Kirch Media for their pay TV services to the customer. The company resulted in bankruptcy; further the Dream Multimedia issued many more models with same Linux based software. DreamBox have Ethernet interface which gives freedom to networked computers in order to utilize the recordings on internal hard disks, but this is available on some models only.

There are various models of DreamBox including DreamBox HD, which provides you high definition picture clarity with a simple set-top box. There are many companies and vendors online which are selling the production of DreamBox. When buying these products, you should make sure that these are not fake or imitated products of Chinese companies. There are some models which are no more continued by the company because of many reasons. You can find DreamBox HD wires and receivers available at around $349.99. However, you can find other models available at cheaper rates.

DreamBox DM 800 is one of the smallest versions of DM 800 HD PVR. This system includes HDTV satellite receiver including Linux operating system and have hard drive function included in it. You can use HDTV along with SDTV. This helps you in viewing and recording your favorite shows. This DreamBox DM 800 includes 300 MHz CPU included with 256 MB of memory available in it.

Another product is DreamBox 800S which is an upgraded version of DM 500 and DM 600 that can be used with Personal video recorder. This allows High Definition to enjoy your movie experience with same functionality of DreamBox 500 and 600. The DreamBox 800S is made for the usage along with DVB-S. It is upgraded through Ethernet or null model of RS232.

The DreamBox system does not need lot of effort for using it. All you need to do is simply plug your television set and you are ready to use it. This is available at the price of £194.99. You can fid this on various sites as well as many stores.

With the Dreambox you can do much more than just watch Free to Air TV!For more details about Dreambox and dreambox 500 please visit our website.

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