The first Bluetooth TPMS for Iphone arrive

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Bluetooth TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System) for iphone


iTPMSTire  Vitals innovation combines with technology and security through the most popular apple iphone ,One-Touch and easy

Apple Certificated,Real Wireless monitor

Individual Real- time Tire Monitoring
You are aware of your tire Pressure and tem-perature via iphone with Tire vitals(Anytime,anywhere completely wireless transmission). Itpms also monitors each tire status to en-hance the driving safety,reduce fuel con-sumption and prevent the possibility of flat tire

Leading @creative
Tire Vitals enhances the driving safety wisdom.Tire Vitals Com-municates with your iphone Via Bluetooth.Get your tire status with your eye contact on iTPMS app on iphone
When tire pressure or temperatue gets the ab-nomal signal,Bluetooth device immeditately flah-ing with the alarming to warn the driver

Active Alarming
Whatever  status you are driving,Tire Vitals ,the Blue-tooth devices,immediately flashes in orange with alarming,in additional .the iTPMS app program simultane-ously alert visually and audibly to remind you’re a possible trouble is coming



Challenge Polar Weather


Easy Design


Easy & Safe Lifestyle


OE Sensor

OE Sensor



(1) RF Sensor module
Storage temperature:    -40 ℃ to 125℃
Operation temperature  :  -40 ℃ to 110℃
Humidity:    Max 95%
Carrier frequency    :433.92 MHz ± 50 kHz (at normal temperature)
Monitoring pressure range :   0kPa ~ 510kPa(0~74psi)
Pressure accuracy  :  ±10kPa (at normal pressure)
Temperature accuracy:    ±4 ℃
Transmission power  :  Max 80dBμV/m
Power supply   : 3V Lithium battery
Sensor weight :   15g ±2g (do not include valve and screw)
(2) Bluetooth Receiver Module
Operation voltage :   DC 9V ~ 16V
Power consumption :   ≤ 200mA
Storage temperature:    -40 ℃ to 80 ℃
Operation temperature :   -10 ℃ to 75 ℃


1 Bluetooth Tire Receiver
4 Pressure Sensor

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