Our OpenBox S9 HD PVR’s now shipping with LATEST N.A. private firmware

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OpenBox has eliminated the North American Firmware and has made the European version the new worldwide firmware that ships from the manufacturer. This means new OpenBox S9′s will not contain ANY North American satellites unless your dealer properly installs old firmware or rewrites the new firmware for North American use. All future fixes and improvements from OpenBox will be with this firmware version.

OpenBoxS9.us has already built & tested a new private file based on the new factory firmware released 10/14/2010. The new OpenBoxS9.us Firmware 10142010 is pre-installed and tested on all of our products. Changes include the following:

* DVB S2 transponders for HD Net Movies on 85W, UWTV on 123W and the new Montana PBS DVB-S2 transponder on 125W.
* Addition of a 83W/AMC9 C-band slot.
* All North American receivable satellites between 30W – 139W included.
* All satellites tagged with orbital location AND current satellite name.
* Pre-configured settings for C-band, N.A. universal LNBF use, and EU Universal use as applicable per satellite. User changeable for other LNBFs.
* Elimination of the EU background after boot for better OSD readability.

solomend hd pvr 800 receiver

hd pvr 800 receiver

Although not required, our customers who purchased an OpenBox S9 from us before 10/14/2010 may upgrade their file on the Private Support Page. For more information on the changes in the new firmware see HERE.

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