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How to Use the USB Wireless Network Card on DM800 HD

Posted 21 January 2011 by
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As we all know, DM800 HD has the USB port, this makes it possible to plug a USB wireless network card to DM800 HD. However, if we want to use the function of USB wireless network card, we should have a wireless network access point (AP) first. We can use the 54Mbps WIFI ADSL router […]

Dreambox 800 DM800 HD V76 PVR Satellite Receiver with SIM 2.01 NEW ALPS M Tuner

Posted 7 December 2010 by
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DM800 new tuner HIG003 REV:M (HD channel 8PSK/QPSK Symbol rate 1-45M/S) DM800pro HIG003 REV:M KEY features multi standard demodulation Lower signal reception DM800pro able to receive all HD channel, instead DM500HD and DM800SE. Blind scan support. Getting good feedback from our customers. The famous Dreambox DMĀ 800 HD. The first Linux receiver to have High difinition […]